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Wooden staircase designs look magnificent when they’re installed correctly. However, you need to have some planning and you are out of the room, to avoid possible mishaps as you go along. A wooden staircase is fabulous in a household filled with adults, however it isn’t ideal for households with pets, elderly residents or young kids. For those who have any of the above, then consider carpeted stairs, it’s a much safer option. Wood, although beautiful, can be notoriously slippery, so consider this before purchase.

Once you have decided on a wooden staircase, you can select between solid or engineered wood. Solid wood is just as its name suggests. The stairs are cut in one solid plank of wood. Engineered wood is based on a mix of wood and other materials for example MDF or plywood. Whichever way you go, you can be sure you’ll have a visually-appealing and durable staircase.

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It’s essential to get a solid fix for the wood across the staircase foundation. Firstly, remove any carpeting and padding from the steps. Pull out any staples or nails. Then thoroughly clean the steps with a vacuum to remove any dust glue and wood particles. You need to then measure the riser on the bottom step, and cut some stair risers towards the appropriate height. After this, secure the stair risers towards the steps and finish them by hammering nails into the corners. Wooden staircase designs kerala, wooden steps designs, wooden staircase design photos.

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